Turning Mountains into Molehills

2 simple steps that may help you transform mountains to molehills in your quest to return to normal insulin/glucose levels …

A new Dawn, Good news on T2D remission

This blog and the facebook page MyHbA1c ¬†was setup in an attempt to have a deeper understanding of T2D, in order to improve my own condition HbA1c 11% and to perhaps even help to reverse my father’s advanced stage T2D complications. But it was not to be. A week ago my father passed away from…

Remarkable Raw Puer Tea

A day after my T2D diagnosis, my wife sent me the following article… Pu’er tea a wonder cure for diabetics The researchers carried out a test among 120 diabetic volunteers. They were asked to drink Pu’er regularly and stop their medicines, while making no change to their dietary habits. Seventy percent reported blood sugar levels…

T2D Recap

Weeks after my T2D diagnosis, I summarized my understanding of T2D with this video clip

To Slay the Sacred Carbs- White Rice

After Health Minister Gan declared war on diabetes, with a disease burden already costing S$1 billion in dollars in 2010 and having a statistically grim trajectory of 600,000 T2D by 2030, Health Promotion Board Chief Executive Zee Yong Kang boldly led the charge by firing the first salvo via a feature article penned by Straits Times Senior Health Correspondent Salma Khalik rightly declaring that a bowl of rice has higher carbs content than two cans of coke…

Newly Diagnosed T2D?

Current T2D treatment protocols DO NOT target for normal blood glucose/insulin levels. They settled for an elevated glucose range, because normal blood glucose was found to be difficult and even dangerous to achieve thru medication or conventional intensive lifestyle intervention programs.

Insulin Toxicity

Insulin is often seens as an essential life saving hormones, especially for T1D. However for T2D, this could be a very different situation.