Turning Mountains into Molehills

Mole Illustration by Marshal Naulibasa


Sep 2015 HbA1c 11%, Oct 2015 HbA1c 8.1%, Nov 2015 HbA1c 6.3%, Dec 2015 HbA1c 5.5%
Jan 2016 HbA1c 5.6%, Feb 2016 HbA1c 5.3%, Jun 2016 HbA1c 5.4%, Sep 2016 HbA1c 5.4%

A month after my initial T2D diagnosis of HbA1c 11% a year ago, I made good progress on my glucose control following the less traveled path that Dr Google and Youtube suggested…normalizing post meal glucose < 126 mg/dl within days and even fasting glucose < 108mg/dl within weeks…remarkable even, given the struggle my family had just gone thru for much of the last 30 yrs trying to maintain my father’s glucose level and keep diabetes complications at bay.

Yet when told of how I had achieved such remarkable results, my endocrinologist retort “Do you think that with determination alone, you will be able to scale Mount Everest? Why don’t you get use to the idea of diabetic medication now? even my parents take them till their eighties…” Futility, wishing thinking…seems to be the key messages from this experienced specialist.

Mountain of data and studies from IDF and ADA, world leading organizations that have been specializing on Diabetes management for decades have shown alarming, staggering and grim progression of this condition worldwide. Failed control is the leading cause of complications from this chronic conditions.

Remission remains elusive and rare for over 90% of those afflicted inspite of a dazzling array of diabetic medication, insulin and billions spent on healthy diet and lifestyle approach of eat less move more. Loss of sight, kidney functions, lower limbs and life thru cardiovascular diseases, cancer is a certainty for many if not all.

Type 2 Diabetes Remission Without Surgery Does Happen—But Very Rarely

Over 7 years, 1.47 percent of the entire group had a partial remission, 0.14 percent had a complete remission, and 0.007 percent had a prolonged remission.

See more at: http://www.diabetes.org/research-and-practice/patient-access-to-research/type-2-diabetes-remission.html

Chart from (http://www.ejinme.com/article/S0953-6205(09)00098-3/fulltext)

The medical community and prevailing guidelines only looks at the top glucose chart and fails to give any consideration to the bottom insulin chart.

It is clear from the chart that years before T2D diagnosis and even for up to 10 years after diagnosis, many T2D will continue to have excessive insulin response. Without the correct dietary change, ie carbs reduction, that is the progression that is guaranteed.

Achieving normal insulin and glucose levels thru conventional intervention via medication, insulin , low fat diet and exercise has proven to be extremely challenging, rare and unsustainable. Requiring extraordinary efforts and determination that destined most patients to being cast away by infuriated medical professionals as non-compliant, weak willed despite their best efforts.

Bariatric surgeries appears to be the only medically accepted approach known to provide a high degree of remission from this terrible affliction. Remission rates of between 50-80% depending on the studies. It has now become a standard treatment option in treatment guidelines. But considering that it is surgically enforced fasting…there are options for those looking for alternatives.

“We know that bariatric surgery is quite effective at reversing T2D and also, over time, reducing weight. We also know that bariatric is simply surgically enforced fasting. So here’s the crucial question. If all the benefits come from fasting, why not do the fasting and skip the surgery entirely? In essence, fasting is ‘bariatric surgery, without the surgery’. Medical Bariatrics.”  Dr Jason Fung

See more at: https://intensivedietarymanagement.com/bariatrics-surgically-enforced-fasting-t2d-6/

[Image from this blog “https://ambikadevendra.wordpress.com/”%5D

Mainstream medical professionals have become like elephants tied to a small wooden peg when dealing with Type 2 diabetes. Their lifetime of failed pharmacological and lifestyle intervention approaches, have convinced them that diabetes remission is an impossible task that only selected few can experience, even when presented with countless contrary examples of simple effective, low cost glucose/insulin normalization solutions. Such is the tragic irony of our medical advancement.

The reality is that sustained remission can be achieve with relative ease once we focus on the right issues. Dealing with the elevated fasting  and postmeal insulin/glucose by being mindful of the hidden carbs in our food and allowing our body to activate its restorative function thru appropriate feeding and resting cycles…

  • Eating only during daylight (Salk Institute)
  • Carbs lite fats friendly meals to reduce post meal glucose/insulin spikes and ravenous hunger

Two simple lifestyle changes that can turn Mountains into molehills, because it addresses both the excessive insulin response AND elevated glucose levels. Allowing many including myself to achieve and maintain normal HbA1c level of 5.5% and lower.

Do you have the faith needed to stroll down this path to restore and redeem your health?


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Updated 2017 Jun 10

Matthew 17

20 And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you. 21 Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.”


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